Two Bad Cats Wire Tip for Wire Weeder

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Product No. Wire Weeder Weight
PI TBCWWOFW One Flat Wire Weeder 0.0420 lb
19.05 gr
PI TBCWWFW Flat Wire Weeder 0.0395 lb
17.92 gr
PI TBCWWTFW Two Flat Wire Weeder 0.0445 lb
20.18 gr

Wire replacement for Two Bad Cats Wire Weeder tool.

Two Bad Cats Wire Weeder tool with his thin wire pull roots of small weeds in top layer of soil with minimal disturbance. It can even pull more established weeds in softer soils. The tool pulls the weeds, including roots, keeping them from growing back, compared to if they would have been cut with a stirrup hoe.

The Two Bad Cats  60'' aluminium handle are sold seperately.

This tool is a great option for small scale agriculture, organic producers and larger personal gardens.

One Flat Wire Weeder  - PI TBCWWOFW

This tool are recommended by Jean-Martin Fortier, author of the book The market gardener.

Turn 90° for larger weeds or tight plantings. Recommended for thumbs down weeding but ok for thumbs up weeding

Flat Wire Weeder - PI TBCWWFW

Less likely to snag on plants. Recommended for thumbs up weeding

Two Flat Wire Weeder with 60’’ handle - PI TBCWWTFW

Turn 90° for larger weeds or tight plantings. Recommended for both thumbs down position weeding


Thumbs Down Position
When you need to cover a larger area of a bed or garden and extend and pull back with ease, without the need for a specific angle to the soil. You will be able to do this with one position of the feet.

Thumbs Up Position
Ideal for precision and when you need to move fast, at a precise angle. You will hold your hanlde like when using a broom. Use this position when you need to simply disrupt young weeds.

Two Bad Cats Wire Weeder

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