Jang Automation JPH Seeders

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ME JPH-U-config

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Product No. Number of seedders Toolbar Quote required
ME JPH-U 1 Not included X
ME JPH-2 2 included with 3 point hitch X
ME JPH-4 4 included with 3 point hitch X

The JP-H serie seeders offer individual spring loaded row units, allowing for solid planting results on uneven bed tops, using a motorized vehicle with a 3 point hitch. Based on your needs, you can adapt the number of seeders you will attach to the toolbar.

The JPH-U makes it easy to add a new seeder, if you already have JPH seeders installed on a toolbar and you want to have one more. You can also use the JPH-U to add an additionnal seeder to the JPH-2 or JPH-4 options, to create a 3 or 5 seeder assembly. 

  • Minimum row width 7”
  • Accurately singulates a wide variety of raw and pelletized seeds with quick change seed rollers and easy adjustments
  • Over 40 roller sizes available for various planting needs (** Rollers not included**)
  • Quick release hopper, made of durable plastic to view seed level
  • Adjustable depth control
  • Hopper volume = 0.26 gal
  • Singulates and spaces small seeds; saving time and money
  • Seed sizing gauge on hopper lid for ease of roller selection
  • No wasted seeds - works well with small amount in hopper
  • Uses special anti-abrasion plastic rollers to prevent static electricity
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