Lid for Macro Plastics Harvest Bins - Models #32 and 34

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Lid for #32 and 34 model bins.

This lid is used to protect the bins’ content from dust and damage, as well as to reduce the risks of food contamination. An interlocking system holds the deformation-resistant lid firmly in place. It is inserted safely and taken off with ease to promptly cover or access products stored inside the bin. Like bins of the same brand, the Macro Plastics lids are made of polypropylene and with reaction injection molding.

Features and benefits

  • The injection-molded, high-impact plastic stands up to heavy day-to-day use, season after season. The molded plastic is deformation-resistant, unlike other processed lids.
  • Interlocking design and solid construction allow Macro Plastics bins with MacroLids to be stacked with greater stability.
  • Easy-to-store MacroLids nest within one another when not in use. The need for dunnage is eliminated and storage efficiency is increased.
  • Secure-fitting MacroLids reduce the risks of product infestation and/or contamination.
  • Easy-to-sanitize MacroBins keep cleaning costs to a minimum. A high-pressure wash removes most debris; a non-abrasive brush can dislodge any remaining items. - Nonporous surfaces will not absorb water or dehydrate your products; therefore, MacroLids maintain a constant tare weight throughout their use.
  • FDA-approved materials are certified safe for use with food products.
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