Berkeley Engine Powered Irrigation Pump

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IPO B1-1/2EQL-config

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Berkeley Engine Powered Irrigation Pump

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Product No. Average Gallons
(U.S. GPM)
SAE Housing Average Pressure
Suction Discharge
IPO B5EXQBHS 800/2000 1-2-3 85/190 6" FLANGED 5" FLANGED X
IPO B6XTQBH 1500/3000 1-2-3 60/100 8" FLANGED 6" FLANGED X

SAE End Suction Irrigation Pumps are suitable for any application requiring the convenience of an internal combustion engine as a power source. End Suction pumps must be flooded prior to operation. Several models available, including the popular models B3, B4 dans B5.


  • 20,000 hours bearings life
  • Dual-access packing area
  • Very affordable
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