Two Bad Cats Plant Popper

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OUT TBCPP072-Config
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Product No. Works with trays Poppers Quantity
OUT TBCPP072 TLC & TOP Star * 72
OUT TBCPP128 TLC * 128

Pushes plant plugs from an entire plug flat in seconds. Save time by not individually pushing plugs out of the cells. When seeding, use upside down for a tray dibbler!

Features :

  • Hardwood pins
  • Warp, moisture, and crack resistant wood(advantech)
  • Coated with linseed oil
  • Plug flats not included

* Works with trays made by T.O. Plastics, and some TLC trays. These have the recycle symbol(6) on one 10" end and TOP symbol on the other 10" end. If you don't have these exact trays then the plant popper will not work.


1.Pull spacers off of pins remembering which pins the spacers are on.

Note: The 6 spacers usually go near the 4 corners, and 2 in the middle, approximately evenly spaced.

2. Put an empty, new or good condition, tray on the pins

3. Put the spacers back on the pins they came off of. Note: Some may be difficult to push on. You will have to use a tool to push them all the way down.

Note: You may eventually want to glue the spacers in place to keep the guide tray from pulling up when you pull the full tray off.

4. You should be ready to pop a full tray now using the empty tray with spacers as a guide.

Attention :

  • Plug flats/trays are not included.
  • Landmark and Blackmore trays ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH this plant popper because the holes in the bottom are not punched consistently.
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