Terrateck Manual Mulch Layer

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Roller Width Weight
90 to 150 cm (36'' to 60") 44 kg (97 lb)

The manual mulch layer is a tool used to make the installation of mulch on the soil faster and easier. Entirely adjustable, this layer can be fitted with rollers 90 cm to 150 cm (36" to 60") in width. To use this tool, two operators pull the layer. The moldboard located at the front of the tool digs a crease; the mulch roller is thus laid and stretched at the bottom of the crease with the wheels. Parabolic discs at the back of the machine bring back the soil on the mulch's sides. This is the perfect tool for subsurface tillage or work in the field.


Product Specifications

  • Roller width : 90 cm to 150 cm (36" to 60") 
  • Tilt adjustable handle 
  • Roller attached with spring-mounted dual wheels 
  •  Mulch stretched with leaning wheels 
  •  Covering with adjustable discs 
  •  Weight : 44 kg (97 lb)
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