Farmers Friend Quick-cut Greens Harvester Model 1503

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Width Height Depth Weight
48,26 cm
19 ''
27,96 cm
45,72 cm
18 ''
6,5 lb
2,95 kg

The Quick-cut Greens Harvester is revolutionizing baby greens production on hundreds of farms around the globe.

When harvesting with the Quick Cut Greens Harvester, the neat, clean surface left behind is perfect for those planning on a second harvest from the same bed. Harvesting is also just as effective when the crop is more mature or “leggy.”

Works with a drill (not included)


  • One person can easily cut over 175 lb. per hour
  • Smooth and clean cut
  • Keeping the harvester's blade sharp is critical for a good clean cut
  • Universal mount which will accept almost any cordless drill
  • To harvest mesclun, baby salad


  • Moving blades! Keep hands clear while machine is in operation.
  • Always remove drill battery when not in use or when servicing.
  • Closed toe shoes required during operation.
  • Cut resistant gloves required when servicing blades.
  • Read and understand the operator’s manual completely before ever using this machine.
  • Failure to follow operating instructions could result in serious or even fatal injury.
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