Pressure Regulating Unit Head Part

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IV PRVU-09-config
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Product No. Pressure
IV PRVU-09 9 psi
IV PRVU-12 12 psi
IV PRVU-15 15 psi
IV PRVU-20 20 psi
IV PRVU-25 25 psi
IV PRVU-30 30 psi
IV PRVU-35 35 psi
IV PRVU-43 43 psi
IV PRVU-50 50 psi
IV PRVU-57 57 psi
  • Only Head Part for Pressure Regulator
  • Quick and simple to change pressures
  • One-piece sealed pressure regulating unit for each pressure option
  • Pressure regulator body remains the same
  • No spring colors to remember
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