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The Hiwer reel can roll/unroll canvases over a large area and is used with the Hiwer system. Unlike special reel, this one does not dismantle. Once polyethylene/floating row covers are rolled onto the reel, the reel can be taken off the machine for storage. 

The spool is 5’ in diameter and can support up to 1 100 lbs (500 kg). As a guideline, a reel with one hectare of dry floating row cover weighs about 540 lbs (250 kg). Once wet the weight doubles.

  Weight of Floating Row Cover   Superficies / Reel
  12 g/m2 or 0.35 oz/ft2
  1.60 hectares
  3.96 acres 
  18 g/mor 0.52 oz/ft2   1.06 hectares
  2.64 acres 
  19 g/mor 0.55 oz/ft2   1.01 hectares
  2.50 acres 
  22 g/mor 0.64 oz/ft2   0.87 hectares
  2.15 acres 
  30 g/mor 0.90 oz/ft2   0.64 hectares
  1.58 acres 
  40 g/mor 1.20 oz/ft2   0.48 hectares
  1.19 acres 


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