Gun komet twin 202 pro

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IJ KOM-TWIN202PC1628-config
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Product No. Name of the product Dimensions Weight Nozzle range
(15 nozzles)
Flow range Throw range
IJ KOM-TWIN202PC1628 Twin 202 vari angle 46.8" x 8.2" x 13.7" 30.86 lb 20.0-40.0 mm
26.1-159.3 m3/h
110-762 gpm
37.2-71.8 m
229-476 ft
IJ KOM-TWIN202PC-24 Twin 202 24° 46.8" x 8.2" x 13.7" 35.27 lb 20.0-40.0 mm
26.1-159.3 m3/h
110-762 gpm
37.2-71.8 m
229-476 ft

Benefits and technical specifications

1. Distribution

Efficient irrigation is an important factor to support crop growth. A uniform water distribution helps the soil to evenly absorb the water, consequently avoiding water run-offs. This greatly promotes even plant growth throughout the field and at the same time can increase the yield and its quality. A fine water application also allows to grow sensitive crops.

Komet Automatic Brake

  • This mechanism is designed to allow the gun to maintain a constant rotation speed in all arising operating conditions independently of the prevailing pressure and flow levels.

Komet Deflector

  • This innovative device is capable of distributing the water uniformly, starting from the gun over its entire throw range.
  • The technology and fluid dynamic elements designed into this component let the deflector adapt its operation to all pressure levels and upcoming changes.


2. Throw

A longer throw increases the area covered by the irrigation with the effect of making the irrigation more cost effective. At the same time a longer throw determines also a reduction of the instantaneous water application rate thus improving the water take-in of the soil.

Komet Fluid Dynamics

  • While in operation the deflector is designed to minimize the oscillation originating from the interaction with the water stream, generating unrivaled throw value

Komet Barrel

  • The configuration of the barrel and its internal straightening vanes allows the water to reach the nozzle with the least possible turbulences and pressure losses.


3. Energy efficiency

Pressure greatly determines the operating cost of an irrigation system: the higher the pressure required to operate it, the higher the operating cost will be. What makes the difference is to find a method to limit the operating pressure requirement without sacrificing the quality of the water distribution uniformity.

Komet Energy System

  • This allows for an efficient operation of the gun in all operating conditions including lower and variable pressure levels.

Komet balance system

  • The Komet Balance System is based on the interaction between the self-adjusting brake and deflector. The resulting balanced operating mode allows for an excellent performance at all pressure and flow levels. The interactive balancing between the two elements is continuous and automatic.


4. Reliability

It is important that every irrigation system operates reliably in order to avoid yield losses, waste of energy with its associated costs but more than anything to optimize the soil potential. The gun not being continuously monitored, has to operate always at its best without the necessity of adjustments or maintenance.

Komet Self Control

  • With changing operating conditions such as pressure and flow the gun self-adjusts all systems in order to allow always for an operation at best efficiency level.

Komet Quality

  • The precision tooling of every component, the strict quality control during every manufacturing step and the final water test of every single gun are our guarantee of a quality control at its best.


5. Adaptability

It is fundamental that a gun adapts to every situation while keeping excellent performance in all types of irrigation systems and environmental conditions, also extreme ones.

Komet Vari-Angle

  • The adjustment of the trajectory angle without internal fl ow restriction allows to adapt the irrigation to different climatic conditions including stronger winds. This capability to adjust is a real advantage also in cases where obstacles such as power lines need to be avoid.

Komet Dynamic Jet-Breaker

  • The patented working principle of the dynamic jet-breaker allows to redistribute some of the excessive water from the end of the throw typical in low pressure conditions towards the gun.Allows to adapt the water distribution profile to suit the requirement of solid-set systems.


  • The availability of model specific counterweights allows for smooth operation of the gun on sloping terrain as well as on steep slopes.



  • Solid-set systems
  • Dust control
  • Sport field
  • Log irrigation
  • Effluent water
  • Feed lots
  • Travelers pivot systems

Gun twin description en de

Gun twin description en de

Performance twin 202 pro

Performance twin 202 pro

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Performance-data-twin-202-en de
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