Galvanized Posts with Hooks and Holes by Profil Alsace

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Product No. Thickness Lenght Weight Post type Quote required
FPOTP5M220-B 16 G 7’
(2,2 m)
7,2 lb
(3,2 kg)
Intermediate Post X
FPOTP5M240-B 16 G 8’
(2,4 m)
7,8 lb
(3,5 kg)
Intermediate Post X
FPOTP5M30-B 16 G 10’
(3,0 m)
9,7 lb
(4,4 kg)
Intermediate Post X
FPOTP5E2300-B 16 G 10’
(3,0 m)
15,3 lb
(6,9 kg)
Head post X

The Strip Galvanized Post with Hooks and Holes from Profil Alsace (model P5M) are suitable for intermediate to high vines, up to 1.95 m (6,4 feet) above the ground. The poles are equipped with the patented tapered S-hook shaped latches.

The posts FPOTP5M220-B, FPOTP5M240-B and FPOTP5M30-B are intermediate posts. For this category of pole, we suggest that you always orient the opening of the profile facing the slope.

The post FPOTP5E2300-B is a head post.


  • Striped galvanized
  • The latches form large, stable wire eyes
  • The posts are suitable for use with any machinery in the vineyard.


The other poll models from Profil Alsace are also available. Contact your Dubois Agrinovation representative for more information.

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