FELCOtronic extension poles for pruning shears 801, 811 & 820

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IMPORTANTE NOTICE for extension poles purchased before 2018: An update of the electronic module #880 is necessary for the operation of the extension pole.

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Product No. Extension Pole Length Weight
FELCO-880/100-100 1 m
3 ft
1,1 kg
2,4 lbs
FELCO-880/100-150 1,5 m
5 ft
1,4 kg
3,1 lbs

The new FELCOtronic extension poles 880/100 and 880/150 allow the easy insert of the three different FELCOtronic pruning shears 801, 811 and 820. Consumers must have a FELCOtronic tool and backpack battery to use this new extension pole.


  • Housing system in strong composite material.
  • Easy to open/close clasps
  • Folding hook to pull a branch, secured with a spring action pin
  • Rubber cover on the handle for a perfect grip
  • Same trigger as on all FELCOtronic tools
  • Perfect ergonomic handle with material cover for a comfortable grip.
  • Easy connection to FELCOtronic powerpack
  • Rubber bumper - protection against impacts & shocks
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