Black Bags

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Perfect to secure to the ground perforated, nonwoven row covers, Hibertex Pro, pest control netting, silage tarps, etc.     

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Product No. Size Color Material Tie
SADE36X66-N 36 cm X 66 cm
14'' x 26''
Black Woven polyethylene Yes

The Black Bags are perfect to secure perforated row covers, floating row covers, Hibertex Pro, insect control netting or silage tarps to the ground. The Black Bag doesn’t damage or dirty the row covers and other materials. 

SADE36X66-N : Equipped with a fastener to close the bag so you no longer need to use separate plastic fasteners.


  1. Fill the bag with crushed stones at 2/3 the height to avoid the bag from rolling.
  2. Close the bag with the tie.


  • U.V. Treated
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