Battery Powered Pruning Shear Kit - Felco-811

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Product No. Cutting head Battery
FELCO-811A-KIT-S Model A - Standard
(<35 mm.)
Single capacity
(6 to 8 hours)
FELCO-811B-KIT-S Model B - Large
(between 30 to 35 mm)
Single capacity
(6 to 8 hours)
FELCO-811A-KIT-D Model A - Standard
(<35 mm.)
Double capacity
(12 to 16 hours)
FELCO-811B-KIT-D Model B - Large
(between 30 to 35 mm)
Double capacity
(12 to 16 hours)

Felco 811

Felco authorized services

Dubois Agrinovation is an authorized service centre for selling and servicing FELCO products.

Power-assisted - electric tool - fast and lightweight - made in Switzerland

**Price includes the Felco 811 tool, harness, leather case, Li-ion battery (Single or double capacity) , charger and cutting head**

With a 35 mm cutting capacity, a robust single-piece cast aluminium body and redesigned cutting head, the FELCO 811 is a powerful, compact and efficient tool providing superior cutting quality. Lightweight (810 g) with an unobstructed cutting head, the FELCO 811 easily navigates between the branches to be pruned.

  • These lightweight, fast and easy-to-handle pruning shears are recommended for heavy-duty pruning;
  • The new geometry of the cutting head improves cutting quality;
  • The semi-open mode enables optimal micrometric cutting head adjustment to narrow the cut opening from 50% to 70% to increase pruning speed in small diameters;
  • Perfect tool to prune vines and apple trees;
  • 25% more powerful than the Felco 801;
  • 20% lighter and 33% faster than the Felco 820.

Controlled and powered by the Felco 880 Powerpack, the FELCO 811 kit is the product of well-researched ergonomics that relieve arm and shoulder muscles during the entire day of pruning.

In normal use the autonomy is:   

  • Single capacity: 4 to 8 hours depending on usage  
  • Double capacity: from 8 to 14 hours depending on usage

Battery informations

  • Recharge the battery for the first time whitin 12 months of the date of manufacture
  • The period between subsequent charges may not exceed 12 months
  • Do not leave unattended during charging
  • Recharge fully before storage
  • Battery Full charging time: approx.8 hours

**The times of use of the battery are calculated according to normal conditions of use. If the outside temperature is too cold, the battery autonomy will be reduced.**

Semi-open blade

The semi-open mode speeds up the cutting of small diameters.


Stand-by Mode 

 The stand-by mode may be activated when moving, ensuring heightened safety.

Non-progressive blade lock

Deactivation of the progressive blade lock mode enables reversion to pneumatic cutting style.

Optimal handling

The perfect diameter of the tool body, the synthetic, non-slip streamline shape and the pivot trigger ensure optimal handling.

Forged aluminum body
Lightweight, strong and sturdy thanks to special aluminum alloys and advanced precision forging methods perfectly mastered by FELCO.


Li-Po Battery

Dependent on requirements, one or two batteries can be used at the same time or sequentially. The ultra-light and slim battery is completely independent from the control housing. 

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