Battery for Felco 801 | 810 | 811 | 820

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FELCO 880/192-config
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Product No. Battery Features Full Charge Time Weight (Lb)
FELCO 880/193 Single capacity
(6 to 8 hours according to the usage)
Ultra Light (Ion Lithium) Battery Single Capacity About 2 hours 1.75
FELCO 880/194 Double capacity
(12 to 16 hours according to the usage)
Ultra Light (Li-Ion) Battery Double Capacity About 8 hours 3.00

Battery for Felco 801 | 810 | 811 | 820

Felco authorized services

Dubois Agrinovation is an authorized service centre for selling and servicing FELCO products.


Additional battery for FELCO electroportable tools. 

    • Ultra-Light Battery
    • The battery, with its very own electronics, represents a fully interchangeable element


Battery informations for FELCO 880/192 and FELCO 880/194

  • Recharge for the first time whitin 12 months of the date of manufacture
  • The period between subsequent charges may not exceed 12 months
  • Do not leave unattended during charging
  • Recharge fully before storage


Battery informations for FELCO 880/194 double capacity 

  • LED display: Press the button (B) to see the charge status.
  • LED1 will flash if the charge is below 20%
  • Standby mode: After 14 days without use, discharges automatically to 50% in order to reach the conditions required for storage. At that point, the charge status indicator does not indicate anything: Connect to a charger for a few seconds to reactivate the battery. 


**The times of use of the battery are calculated according to normal conditions of use. If the outside temperature is too cold, the battery autonomy will be reduced.**


The Felco battery are compatible with Felco models #801, #810, #811, and #820

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