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Prevent weed growth and can be used as winter protection with Hibertex Pro tarps.

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TAMI1.17X60 46" x 196'
1.17 m X 60 m
24 lb
11 kg

MICROFAB was created exclusively to stem the growth of weeds without the use of chemicals. This ground cover anti-vegetative and root prevents weeds take root on its surface while preventing the roots to penetrate or pierce it. Opacity of nearly 100% prevents photosynthesis, so the growth of perennial weeds and seed germination under the floor covering.

MICROFAB is a woven geotextile covered with a polyethylene coating. Highly resistant to tears and punctures, MICROFAB is non-biodegradable and resistant to ultraviolet rays about five years.

Ideal for professional users working in nurseries, greenhouses and garden centers, MICROFAB requires no covers and can be used outdoors for many years. Features printed every 15 cm so that pots can be easily aligned. Its unique structure makes MICROFAB a product better than other types of materials used in the horticultural industry.

Multiple perforated pinholes, this coating and anti-vegetative root allows water, air and fertilizer to infiltrate more easily the plant root. Used as cover on Aquamat system, the MICROFAB allows water to pass freely to the layer "reservoir" of the capillary mat.


  • Prevent weed growth
  • Winter protection to be used with Hibertex Pro tarps
  • Woven geotextile with polyethylene coating
  • Withstand tears and perforations
  • Multiple microscopic perforations, allow the infiltration of water, air, and fertilizer to the plants' roots
  • 5-year UV resistant
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