Aluminium Concentric Reducer Cone

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IA COAL1002-Config

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IA COAL32 3" x 2" X
IA COAL42 4" x 2" X
IA COAL43 4" x 3" X
IA COAL53 4'' X 3'' X
IA COAL54 5'' x 4'' X
IA COAL64 6'' X 4'' X
IA COAL65 6" x 5" X
IA COAL84 8" x 4" X
IA COAL86 8" x 6" X
IA COAL1002 10'' x 2'' X
IA COAL1008 10'' x 8'' X
IA COAL1012 12'' x 10'' X
Solid cast aluminium concentric reducer cone to make pipes, reducers and adapters, among others.
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