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Yellow Hose with fittings

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Yellow Hose with fittings

Product No. Diameter Length Fittings
IS DR170035/8 ''50 'with fittings
IS DR173035/8 ''100 'with fittings
IS DR170133/4 ''50 'with fittings
IS DR173133/4 ''100 'with fittings

The Dramm ColorStorm-Professional Yellow Rubber Hose with fittings is made from EPDM rubber for a "crackless" hose cover that is resistant to abrasion, weathering and U.V rays, compared to hoses made of nitrile rubber.

  • This reinforced hose is hexagonal in shape to reduce kinking.
  • The design of the hose allows a user to easily pull free any kinks that may occur.
  • The hexagonal Sure-GripTM cover creates a softer surface for a more comfortable grip.
  • Each hose has crush-proof, nickel plated, brass fittings for an exact fit that will survive years of use.

**Custom lengths and bulk rolls are also available.**

Dramm hose is kink resistant and very flexible. For best use, unwind the hose when beginning to water.

Colorstorm Hose has a maximum operating pressure of 130psi. The hose has a burst pressure of 500 psi. Both ratings are for normal use.

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