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White Woven Ground Cover

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White Woven Ground Cover

  • White Woven Ground Cover
  • Sample of white Woven Ground Cover
Product No. Dimension Weight
m2 / oz
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TADE3X300BL3' X 300'
0,91 m x 91,4 m
3,2 oz
TADE4X300BL4' X 300'
1,22 m x 91,4 m
3,2 oz
TADE6X300BL6' X 300'
1,83 m x 91,4 m
3,2 oz
TADE12X300BL12' X 300'
3,66 m x 91,4 m
3,2 oz
TADE15X300BL15' X 300'
4,57 m x 91,4 m
3,2 oz

The white ground cloth and weed control mat for greenhouses and nurseries


  • 3.2 oz woven polypropylene
  • White ground cover produces less heat in the greenhouse
  • Controls weeds (annual and perennial)
  • Keeps clean all production & propagation areas clean, reducing disease (zoospores)
  • Reduces the use of herbicide and fungicide
  • Good air and water permeability
  • Non-slippery and safe working area; stays dry and cleanGreen lines every 30 cm (12in) will ease pot spacing
  • Good UV stabilization, lifetime of 5 years & +
  • Reflects the sun rays, it is used for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, roses, etc.
  • 5 year lifetime


Greenhouses : floors, walkways and under benches
Nurseries : propagation and production areas
Garden Centers : under benches, on walkways and selling areas

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