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White Trellis Netting

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White Trellis Netting

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  • White Trellis Netting
  • White polypropylene trellis netting with polyamide wire
  • White polypropylene trellis netting in cucumber
  • White polypropylene trellis netting with polyamide wire
  • White polypropylene trellis netting with polyamide wire and clips
  • White polypropylene trellis netting
  • White Treillis Netting Sample
Product No. Dimension
FITREIL48X32848'' X 328'
1,2 m X 100 m
FITREIL59X32859'' X 328'
1,5 m X 100 m
FITREIL78X32878'' X 328'
1.98 m X 100 m


  • Designed to supporting flowers and climbing vegetables
  • White Polypropylene
  • Lighweight and very robust
  • 6'' Square Mesh
  • UV Stabilised
  • Resistant to bacteria, chemical agents, and mold

Customer Reviews

Pretty Good Review by Nathon Hall
General appreciation
The only problem I had with this is the way it is rolled-up. Makes it a little difficult to deploy smoothly.

Once up, it seems to provide a very effective pea trellis. (Posted on 18-07-04)
Didn't like the 48 inch Review by Susan
General appreciation
I bought the 48 inch roll of plastic netting for my cucumbers last year but didn't like it because it was not wide enough, the cucumber plants were taller than the trellis I made. So I made a second row and lifted the plastic netting 4 feet off the ground but the cucumbers were heavy and dragged it down damaging some of the crop. The plastic netting wasn't cut very evenly either so it was less than 48 inches in places which made it difficult to work with, I gave up on the idea of using a second wire on the bottom of my netting to hold it in place because it was so poorly cut. I am re-ordering the netting but at a wider, uncut width. (Posted on 18-05-01)
Excellent Review by Hedgeview
General appreciation
Great netting and very easy to put up for the peas using a few t-posts and zip ties. Very light and easy to secure. Strong to support plant weight. (Posted on 13-06-11)

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