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Webster Kit

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Item # IK JET6-ASS

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Webster Kit

Product No. Description High
IK JET12-ASSComplete Kit12"
IK JET12-LWWithout Webster Base12"
IK JET18-ASSComplete Kit18"
IK JET18-LWWithout Webster Base18"
IK JET24-ASSComplete Kit24"
IK JET24-LWWithout Webster Base24"
IK JET36-ASSComplete Kit36"
IK JET36-LWWithout Webster Base36"
IK JET48-ASSComplete Kit48"
IK JET48-LWWithout Webster Base48"

Small sprinklers Webster Kit are simple, sturdy and they offer watering without problems. Using different nozzles, you have the choice of full or part circle, strip or square pattern. These sprinklers adapt to different areas and generally work at low pressures.

Aluminium riser ½", ¾" diameter or 1" from 6" to 48" long or more.

Aluminum Webster base for riser ½", ¾" or 1" diameter push-in action

A - Complete Kit
B - Webster Base

  • Brass sprinkler with interchangeable nozzles.
  • Watering diameter from 40 to 150 feet.
  • Full or part circle irrigation
  • Operates from 25 to 80 psi and flow from 4 to 125 gpm.

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