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Webster Fittings

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Webster Fitting Parts

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  • Webster Fitting Parts
  • Webster different models of bases  (different sizes available)
  • Webster collars  (different sizes available)
  • Webster gaskets  (different sizes available)
  • Exsample of a Webster ball (different sizes available)
  • Webster valve openers  (different sizes available)
Product No. Description Size
IJ WEB-BA1/2X3/4Base1/2'' x 3/4'' MPT
IJ WEB-BA3/4X3/4Base3/4'' x 3/4'' FPT
IJ WEB-BASE1Base1'' x 1'' MPT
IJ WEB-BASE1/2Base1/2'' x 1/2'' FPT
IJ WEB-BASE3/4Base3/4'' x 1'' MPT
IJ WEB-BOU1Ball1''
IJ WEB-BOU1/2Ball1/2''
IJ WEB-BOU3/4Ball3/4''
IJ WEB-COL1Collar1''
IJ WEB-COL1/2Collar1/2''
IJ WEB-COL3/4Collar3/4''
IJ WEB-GSTGasket1''
IJ WEB-GST1/2Gasket1/2''
IJ WEB-GST3/4Gasket3/4''
IJ WEB-POI1Valve opener1''
IJ WEB-POI1/2Valve opener1/2''
IJ WEB-POI3/4Valve opener3/4''
Webster quick couplers have been in use in the United States and overseas for over 30 years. Use quick couplers greatly increases the operating efficiency of a sprinkler irrigation system. When a sprinkler riser is removed from a quick coupler, the valve ball inside the unit shuts off the flow of water until the riser is reinserted. This allows the continuous operation of the system while performing maintenance or while moving sprinkler risers from one part of a system to another.
In order to create a kit, you will need the following elements:

  1. Collar : Cast aluminum collar and plated steel screw
  2. Gasket : Rubber chevron gasket
  3. Valve opener 
  4. Ball : Rubber valve ball
  5. Base : Cast aluminum body

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