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Water Suction Hose / Feet

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Water Suction Hose for irrigation pump

Product No. Diameter Coil Length Coil Weight PSI Pressure
BO K1001"100'31.9 lb85 psi
BO K1251-1/4"100'42.9 lb80 psi
BO K1501-1/2"100'56.1 lb70 psi
BO K2002"100'83.6 lb65 psi
BO K2502-1/2"100'106.7 lb60 psi
BO K3003"100'146.3 lb60 psi
BO K4004"100'240.9 lb50 psi
BO K6006"100'264.0 lb35 psi

Standard duty PVC all-purpose suction and transfer hose. General applications include irrigation lines, well point systems, miscellaneous agricultural applications and liquid fertilizer transfer.

Features and Advantages

  • PVC Construction
  • Clear with dark green helix
  • Smooth bore construction

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