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Water Discharge - Lay Flat 150 psi / Feet

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Water Discharge - Lay Flat 150 psi

Product No. Diameter Coil Length Coil Weight PSI Pressure
BO T253AA-0381-1/2"200'73 lb150 psi
BO T253AA-0763"200'173 lb150 psi
BO T253AA-1024"200'239 lb150 psi
BO T253AA-1526"200'400 lb150 psi
BO T253AA-2038"100'289 lb150 psi

This pipe is primarily used for water supply in irrigation systems or for general industrial applications. It can withstand a maximum pressure of 150 psi.

Safety factor 3: 1> = 203 mm 2: 1


Features and Benefits

  • Tube made of black synthetic rubber (Black EPDM)
  • Black EPDM - Abrasion and ozone resistant
  • Reinforcement - Hight tensile textile cords
  • Permissible temperature: -30°C to 80°C (22°F to 176°F)



  • Lay flat liquid discharge in irrigation, dewatering and general industrial applications.

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