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¼" Vinyl Micro Tubing

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¼" Vinyl Micro Tubing

Product No. Color Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Length
IS 51032Black0.150" (3.8 mm)0.225" (5.4 mm)50' (15,24 m)
IS 51035Black0.150" (3.8 mm)0.225" (5.4 mm)100' (30,48 m)
IS 51036Black0.150" (3.8 mm)0.225" (5.4 mm)1000' (304,8 m)

The ¼" vinyl micro tubing is used to distribute water in micro irrigation systems. In other words, it connects the main pipe to the micro irrigation components.


  • Available in lengths of 50', 100' & 1 000'
  • Material is UV stabilized for a long useful life


Adapted to any micro irrigation application.  

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