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Vine and Tree Protection & Growth

Bird netting to protect vineyards and apple trees and thus keep pests from devastating your grapes, apples, and other crops. Bird control netting, deer fences, and bird cannons are useful protective devices. Weed control using plastic mulch films for vines production. Tree Protection & Growth Tubes.

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  1. High Performance Two-Hand Pruning Shears - Felco-200A-50
  2. "Blue-X" Tube (Parts A & B)
  3. Hibertex Pro with Polyamide Wires

    Hibertex Pro with Polyamide Wires

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  4. FELCOtronic extention pole | 1 m
  5. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-6
  6. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-8
  7. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-9
  8. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-10
  9. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-11
  10. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-12
  11. Felco Holster - FELCO-912

    Holster - FELCO-912

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  12. Battery | Single & Double capacity
  13. Protection Tubes Tubex With Strap
  14. Spiral protection tubes on trees
  15. Sidewall Insect and Bird Netting

    Sidewall Insect and Bird Netting

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  16. ProtekNet White Bird Control Netting ( on structure )

    ProtekNet Bird Netting

    The white bird control net polyethylene high density is the most effective bird control netting for a crop protection on the market. This net is recommended to be used on a structure.
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  17. Galvanized ''umbrella'' Hoop for Bird Netting

    Galvanized ''umbrella'' Hoop for Bird Netting

    The Galvanized ''umbrella'' Hoops are used primarily to keep the net away from the crop, to avoid birds accessing the fruits.
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  18. Deer fence

    Deer Fence

    Effective and harmless solution to prevent deer from entering your garden, field or orchard.
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  19. Frost Protection Fabric on vine

    Hibertex Pro - Frost Protection Fabric

    Hibertex Pro serves as an insulator to protect plants during winter.
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  20. Black Plastic Mulch Film Horti-III for Trees

    Black Plastic Mulch Film Horti-III for Trees

    This black plastic mulch film is perfect for trees, shrubs, vines, etc.
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  21. plastic mulch film nursery

    Black Embossed Plastic Mulch Film for the trees

    Standard embossed plastic mulch film for trees.  Several sizes available
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  22. Bio360 Biodegradable Black Mulch Film

    Biodegradable & Compostable Black Mulch Film - Bio360

    The Compostable & Biodegradable Bio360 Mulch Film, made of  Mater-Bi, a corn starch based raw material, is compostable and biodegradable. The master batch pigment mixture used for coloring is also made of Mater-Bi. It leaves no toxic residues in the ground and you save on removal, recycling and land fill costs. ECOCERT CANADA approved Bio360 to be used in the organic farm.

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  23. Bird Cannons

    Propane Bird Scare Cannon Kit

    Crop protection against birds and other pests with Propane Bird Scare Cannon Control. It's a economic way for bird control.
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  24. Galvanized Bundle of 6'' L Anchoring Pins

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