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Staking and Clips for Vine Trellising

Several clips of various shapes are available to attach bird control netting and wires on your structures and crops. Bamboo Stakes and accessories for vineyard & orchard trellising.

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  1. BlueLine® Hose Clips

    BlueLine® Hose Clips

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  2. Clips for Bird Netting

    Clips for Bird Control Netting

    The clips for bird control netting allows to attach quickly and solidly several nets together.
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  3. ''S'' Clip for shade and anti-hail netting

    Net ''S'' Clips

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  4. Photodegradable lift wire clips for vines
  5. Red Plastic Lift Wire Clip
  6. Brown Clips biodegradable x 5 000 units
  7. Vegetal Lift Wire Clips
  8. Lift Wire Metal Clip
  9. EasyKlip


    to maintain plastic tarps, row covers or nets on the ground
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  10. Ties Plastoband
  11. Black Aglok plastic ties spool | FATTAGLOBOB
  12. Black Aglok Stretchable Vinyl Ties (U.V. Stabilized)
  13. Rubber Ties
  14. Black BranchLok Plastic ties U.V. Stabilized / 1 000 units
  15. Plastic Stem holders
  16. "W" Galvanized Steel Support Bamboo Stake Clips
  17. Attach wire on metal post

    Metal Post Clips

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  18. Dispenser with built in cutter blade

    Ties dispenser with built in cutter blade

    Dispenser with built in cutter blade
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  19. 8" Beige Paper Ties for Treillising (1 000)

    Ties in bundle

    8'' ties in bundle of 1 000
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  20. Stretchable Ties 100 m - Prothec
  21. Prothec Ties Kits
  22. Degradable Tie- Prothec
  24. Staples
  25. MAX Tying Tool
  26. Ligatex Vine Binder

    Ligatex Vine Binder

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  27. Ligatex 4/10 mm Galvanized Wire Spool
  28. Ligatex Vine Binder Kit

    Ligatex Vine Binder Kit

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