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Steel Poles, Anchors & Accessories

Metal poles for vineyards hold or support cables, i.e. steel, iron, or polyamide wires and accessories. Gripple anchors are used to attach and hold steel or wood poles during vine and small tree trellising.

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  1. Anchor and hook

    Anchor Stake With Bracket Kit | 3''

    For stony and hard ground
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  2. Fiberglass Stakes

    Fiberglass Stakes

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  3. Plate for end Post P5E with the Safety Rod (post not included)
  4. Cross Bars Trellissing System (Vertical post not included)

    Cross Bars Trellissing System

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  5. Post P5M Strip Galvanized for Cross Bar Trellissing
  6. Protection Driver for Galvanized Post
  7. Strip Galvanized Head Post
  8. "Top Notch" galvanized metal

    Top Notch galvanized metal post with holes

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  9. Installation of the post
  10. Attach wire on metal post

    Metal Post Clips

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  11. Plastic clip on Top Noth post - FCLIPTOPNOTCH
  12. Assembly key for the plastic clip for post with hooks and holes
  13. Plastic clip for galvanized post with hooks and holes
  14. Top Notch Clips to hold a wire

    Top Notch Metal Clip

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  15. 1/4'' Grommet  for Top Notch Galvanized Steel Post
  16. Black vinyl pole cap - FIPOSTCAP-T1,375

    Black Vinyl Pole Cap

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  17. Black plastic cap for wooden poles
  18. Universal cap for poles
  19. Black cap for wood
  20. Metal pole plastic caps
  21. Washer for Cap 1101

    Washer for Cap 1101

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  22. Nut for Cap 1101

    Nut for Cap 1101

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  23. Metal pole plastic caps kit
  24. Anchor Kit

    Gripple Anchor Kit

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  25. Gripple ground anchor with cable
  26. Fenox Anchor and Hook

    Anchor stake with hook

    Anchor stake with hook (for stony and hard ground)
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  27. Fenox Anchor Tool Kit

    Anchor Tool Kit

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  28. Gripple Tool for Anchors  #3 & #4
  29. 2'' Plate for anchor tool
  30. 16'' Anchor with 1/2'' Rod and 3'' Helix

    Helix Earth Anchor

    Helix Earth Anchor (for soft ground without stone)
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  31. Ratchet joiner

    Ratchet joiner

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