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Vineyard/orchard accessories − Vine trellising, staking equipment, bird control netting, and Hibertex Pro winter row covers. Precision irrigation system for optimal fruit yield or frost protection. Plastic containers, lugs, and bins for grape/apple harvest and storage.

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  1. Harvest Lugs  for Grapes and processed Mushrooms

    Harvest Lugs for Grapes and processed Mushrooms

    Excellent plastic lugs for harvesting and transporting.  Vented sides and bottom.
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  2. plastic mulch film nursery

    Black Embossed Plastic Mulch Film for the trees

    Standard embossed plastic mulch film for trees.  Several sizes available
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  3. Punch for pressure compensator and dripper

    Punch for pressure compensator and dripper

    A strong and reliable punch designed with a comfortable handle.
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  4. Clips for Bird Netting

    Clips for Bird Control Netting

    The clips for bird control netting allows to attach quickly and solidly several nets together.
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  5. Black Plastic Mulch Film Horti-III for Trees

    Black Plastic Mulch Film Horti-III for Trees

    This black plastic mulch film is perfect for trees, shrubs, vines, etc.
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  6. Bayco Polyamide Wire

    EZ-WIRE Polyamide Wire

    EZ-WIRE lift wire for vines or other plants, ideal to attach on it irrigation tubes, etc.
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  7. Bird Cannons

    Propane Bird Scare Cannon Kit

    Crop protection against birds and other pests with Propane Bird Scare Cannon Control. It's a economic way for bird control.
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  8. ProtekNet White Bird Control Netting ( on structure )

    ProtekNet Bird Netting

    The white bird control net polyethylene high density is the most effective bird control netting for a crop protection on the market. This net is recommended to be used on a structure.
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  9. Macro Plastics Harvest Bins - Models CUVMP48

    High Capacity Bin - Model # 48 - Macro Plastics

    This model is ideal for harvesting, storing and transporting potatoes, cabbage, nuts, garlic, prunes or any other kind of fruits and vegetables.
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  10. Grapes Bin - Model # ProBin 44

    Grapes Bin - Model # ProBin 44

    This model is for grapes, wine, and can also be used for seafood.
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  11. Macro Plastic Bins with apple

    Harvest Bins - Models # 32 - 33 - 34 - Macro Plastics

    3 perfect models for harvesting, storing, and transporting apples or any other kind of fruits and vegetables.
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  12. Frost Protection Fabric on vine

    Hibertex Pro - Frost Protection Fabric

    Hibertex Pro serves as an insulator to protect plants during winter.
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  13. Drip In PC irrigation pipe

    BlueLine® PC

    Pressure Compensating BlueLine®
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  14. Standard Polyethylene Pipe / Coil

    Standard Polyethylene Pipe / Coil

    Standard Polyethylene Irrigation Pipe with-the-Stripe features a permanent coloured stripe which enables the class and type of pipe to be easily identified, whether in storage onsite or embedded in the ground. In fact, the stripe is actually part of the pipe and will always be visible.
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  15. Wire Joiners & Tensioners - Gripple
  16. Torq Tensioning Tool
  17. Anchor Kit

    Gripple Anchor Kit

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  18. Wire Grips and Stretchers
  19. Crimp Tool

    Crimp Tool

    To attach the crimp to the wire
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  20. Aluminum sleeve crimp / 100 units
  21. Single Wire Holder

    Single Wire Holder

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  22. Moveable Double Wire Holder in action
  23. Trellising steel wires coil

    Trellising steel wires

    Lift wire for vines or other plants, ideal to attach on it irrigation tubes, etc.
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  24. Green plastic roll with steel wire for treillising

    Twist ties to position the vines to the treillis

    Plastic twist-ties with wire
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  25. Dispenser with built in cutter blade

    Ties dispenser with built in cutter blade

    Dispenser with built in cutter blade
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  26. 8" Beige Paper Ties for Treillising (1 000)

    Ties in bundle

    8'' ties in bundle of 1 000
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  27. Tool to cut and twist the ties for treillising

    Tool to cut and twist the ties

    Tool to cut and twist the ties
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  28. Fenox Anchor and Hook

    Anchor stake with hook

    Anchor stake with hook (for stony and hard ground)
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  29. Fenox Anchor Tool Kit

    Anchor Tool Kit

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  30. 16'' Anchor with 1/2'' Rod and 3'' Helix

    Helix Earth Anchor

    Helix Earth Anchor (for soft ground without stone)
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  31. Attach wire on metal post

    Metal Post Clips

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  32. EasyKlip


    to maintain plastic tarps, row covers or nets on the ground
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  33. Deer fence

    Deer Fence

    Effective and harmless solution to prevent deer from entering your garden, field or orchard.
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  34. Brown Clips biodegradable x 5 000 units
  35. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-2
  36. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-6
  37. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-8
  38. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-9
  39. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-13
  40. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-160L
  41. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-160S
  42. Gripple Work Belt

    Work Belt

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  43. Single channel Gripple for use with metal end posts or in greenhouse structures Gripple
  44. Contractor torq tensioning Gripple tool
  45. Spreader Tip | Galvanized steel

    Fenox Spreader Tip for Wood Post | 500 units

    To support lift wire on each side of wood post
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  46. Vineyard Staple - Galvanized steel

    Fenox Vineyard Staple for Wood Post | 500 units

    To secure the wires in a fixed position on wood posts
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  47. Stretchable Ties 100 m - Prothec
  48. Prothec Ties Kits
  49. Prothec Pliers Tie and Cut
  50. Wire Tensioners # 2

    Wire Tensioners

    Allows to tighten the wire without cutting it
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  51. Gripple Tool for Anchors  #3 & #4
  52. MAX Tying Tool
  54. Staples
  55. Blades for Max Tying Tool
  56. Lockable Wire joiners & Tensioners no.5
  57. Grey Twister - Gripple
  58. Wirevise Clips 14-16 Gauge

    Wirevise Clips

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  59. Repair Kit - Felco 2-92
  60. Swiss Istor Professional Sharpener - FELCO-I-15

    Sharpener FELCO-I-15

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  61. Sharpener - FELCO-903

    Sharpener FELCO-903

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  62. Universal Cutter - FELCO-CP
  63. Cable Cutter - FELCO-C7

    Cable Cutter - Felco

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  64. Picking and Trimming Snips - Felco-300
  65. Picking and Trimming Snips - Felco-310
  66. Saw - FELCO-600

    Saw FELCO-600

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  67. Anvil-Blade with 4 rivets - FELCO 2-4
  68. Anvil-Blade with 1 screw - FELCO 7-4
  69. Blade - FELCO 9-3

    Blade - FELCO 9-3

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  70. Blade - FELCO 13-3

    Blade - FELCO 13-3

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  71. Blade - FELCO 600-3

    Blade - FELCO 600-3

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  72. Blade - FELCO 5-3

    Blade - FELCO 5-3

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  73. ''S'' Clip for shade and anti-hail netting

    Net ''S'' Clips

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  74. Photodegradable lift wire clips for vines
  75. Black Aglok plastic ties spool | FATTAGLOBOB
  76. Degradable Tie- Prothec
  77. Saw - FELCO-621 with sheath
  78. 2 Springs - FELCO 2-91

    Spring FELCO 2-91

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  79. 2 Springs - FELCO 5-91

    Spring FELCO 5-91

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  80. 2 Springs - FELCO 6-91

    Spring FELCO 6-91

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  81. Lubricant - FELCO-980

    Lubricant - FELCO-980

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  82. Grease - FELCO-990

    Grease - FELCO-990

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  83. Felco Holster - FELCO-910

    Holster - FELCO-910

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  84. Felco Holster - FELCO-912

    Holster - FELCO-912

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  85. High Performance Two-Hand Pruning Shears - Felco-22
  86. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-4
  87. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-5
  88. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-7
  89. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-10
  90. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-11
  91. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-12
  92. Studded Metal T-Post without hole

    Heavy Duty Studded T-Post

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  93. Spinning Jenny for Steel Wires
  94. Gripple for barbed wires
  95. "Top Notch" galvanized metal

    Top Notch galvanized metal post with holes

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  96. Top Notch Clips to hold a wire

    Top Notch Metal Clip

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  97. "W" Galvanized Steel Support Bamboo Stake Clips
  98. Black BranchLok Plastic ties U.V. Stabilized / 1 000 units
  99. Spiral protection tubes on trees
  100. Red Plastic Lift Wire Clip
  101. Ties Plastoband
  102. Rubber Ties
  103. Galvanized Steel Holder 5,5" x 2,25"
  104. Galvanized Steel Chain 8,3"
  105. Black Aglok Stretchable Vinyl Ties (U.V. Stabilized)
  106. Plastic Stem holders
  107. Saw - FELCO-611 with sheath
  108. Torq Tensioning Tool for Lockable Gripple No10 (3/8'')
  109. 2'' Plate for anchor tool
  110. Dripper 0.58 gph side Barbed Mop | IS JD101018411

    Supertif Dripper

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  111. Pusher Unit  for  MAX Tying Tool
  112. Dripper E1000 Port Multi
  113. Galvanized Bundle of 6'' L Anchoring Pins
  114. BlueLine® Hose Clips
  115. Lockable Dynamic No.4 & No.6
  116. Charger for Battery Felco
  117. Felco Powerpack high-tech for electronic tools
  118.  Front view Holster-FELCO-800 Serie
  119. Ratchet joiner

    Ratchet joiner

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  120. Nut and Bolt Kit for Felco 2
  121. Black cap for wood
  122. Universal cap for poles
  123. Black plastic cap for wooden poles
  124. Metal pole plastic caps
  125. Plastic clip on Top Noth post - FCLIPTOPNOTCH

    Plastic Clips for Galvanized Posts

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  126. Plastic clip for galvanized post with hooks and holes
  127. Four-Way Stackable Manifold
  128. 2 or 4-Way Manifold for Irrigation Dripper
  129. Drippers ClickTif HD with Nipple 1 GPH
  130. ClickTif HD Barbed Drippers 1 GPH
  131. Wire Grips and Stretchers
  132. Assembly key for the plastic clip for post with hooks and holes
  133. 133' Black Polyamide Wire Coil
  134. 5'' Angle Arrow Stake

    5" Arrow Stake

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  135. Sidewall Insect and Bird Netting
  136. Ligatex Vine Binder Kit

    Ligatex Vine Binder Kit

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  137. Lid for Macro Plastics Harvest Bins - Models #32 and 34
  138. Ligatex 4/10 mm Galvanized Wire Spool
  139. Macro Plastics Long Foot
  140. Tensioner for catch wire
  141. Gripple ground anchor with cable
  142. Black vinyl pole cap - FIPOST-DM21251,5

    Black Vinyl Pole Cap

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  143. Metal pole plastic caps kit
  144. Blade - FELCO 611-3

    Blade - FELCO 611-3

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  145. Felco 300-11 Replacement Spring
  146. Shock Absorber Kit Felco 2-93
  147. Protech Plier Repair Kit
  148. 1.5'' Spring
  149. 1/4'' Grommet  for Top Notch Galvanized Steel Post
  150. Battery Powered Pruning Shear - Felco-811
  151. Saw - FELCO-630 with sheath
  152. Saw - FELCO-640 with sheat
  153. Ligatex Vine Binder

    Ligatex Vine Binder

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  154. Battery Powered Pruning Shear - Felco-801
  155. Battery Powered Pruning Shear - Felco-820
  156. Battery | Single & Double capacity
  157. Felco Repair Kit 7-90 | Parts

    Felco Repair Kit 7-90

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  158. Installation of the post
  159. Strip Galvanized Head Post
  160. Protection Driver for Galvanized Post
  161. Lift Wire Metal Clip
  162. Anchor and hook

    Anchor Stake With Bracket Kit | 3''

    For stony and hard ground
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  163. Gallagher Fence Pliers 8''

    Gallagher Fence Pliers 8'' to cut high-tensile wire

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    Out of stock

  164. Fiberglass Stakes

    Fiberglass Stakes

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  165. Nut for Cap 1101

    Nut for Cap 1101

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  166. Washer for Cap 1101

    Washer for Cap 1101

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  167. U Galvanized Steel Tree Support Clips
  168. Vegetal Lift Wire Clips
  169. Plate for end Post P5E with the Safety Rod (post not included)
  170. Protection Tubes Tubex With Strap
  171. "Blue-X" Tube (Parts A & B)
  172. Hibertex Pro with Polyamide Wires

    Hibertex Pro with Polyamide Wires

    Contact us to get a quote

  173. Cross Bars Trellissing System (Vertical post not included)

    Cross Bars Trellissing System

    Contact us to get a quote

  174. Post P5M Strip Galvanized for Cross Bar Trellissing
  175. FELCOtronic extention pole | 1 m
  176. Grey Lid for MACX Bins

    Grey Lid for MACX Bins

    Contact us to get a quote

  177. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-4C&H with Cut & Hold
  178. High Performance One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-100
  179. Galvanized ''umbrella'' Hoop for Bird Netting

    Galvanized ''umbrella'' Hoop for Bird Netting

    The Galvanized ''umbrella'' Hoops are used primarily to keep the net away from the crop, to avoid birds accessing the fruits.
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  180. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-31
  181. High Performance Two-Hand Pruning Shears - FELCO-200C-60
  182. High Performance Two-Hand Pruning Shears - Felco-200A-40
  183. High Performance Two-Hand Pruning Shears - Felco-200A-50
  184. Two-hand pruning shear 200A-60
  185. Two-Handed Felco Pruning shear with anvil | FELCO-230
  186. Blade - FELCO 2-3

    Blade - FELCO 2-3

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  187. Blade - FELCO 6-3

    Blade - FELCO 6-3

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  188. Blade - FELCO 7-3

    Blade - FELCO 7-3

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    Out of stock

  189. Bio360 Biodegradable Black Mulch Film

    Biodegradable & Compostable Black Mulch Film - Bio360

    The Compostable & Biodegradable Bio360 Mulch Film, made of  Mater-Bi, a corn starch based raw material, is compostable and biodegradable. The master batch pigment mixture used for coloring is also made of Mater-Bi. It leaves no toxic residues in the ground and you save on removal, recycling and land fill costs. ECOCERT CANADA approved Bio360 to be used in the organic farm.

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