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TunnelFlex - Retractable Low Tunnel System - 50' Kit | BioPlus

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TunnelFlex - Retractable Low Tunnel System

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  • 28" Galvanized Steel Hoops
TunnelFlex BioPlus

New | Retractable Low Tunnel System - 50' kit

Exclusive to Dubois Agrinovation !

After 3 years of research on components and technique reliability, Dubois Agrinovation proudly presents its new retractable low tunnel system perfect for North American weather.   It is simple, easy to set up, and the investment cost is 3 times less expensive than high tunnels.
This system can be adapted to your productions.  It includes hoops, clear thermal film perforated on both sides, and bungee elastics.  The elastics allow to maintain the structure in place and to pull up or down the sides according to the type of micro climate that you need. 

There are several advantages to use the retractable low tunnel system: your production season is extended, effective yield, less disease caused by water, protection against hail, wind, and heavy rain.

Tunnel Flex Advantages

  • Simple
  • Easy to install
  • Structure can be moved (ideal for growers who are on rented land)
  • 3 times less expensive than high tunnel
  • System can be adapted to the type of crop
  • Perfect for North American climate
  • Possibility to pull the sides up or down according to type of micro climate needed
  • Production season extended- Effective yield- Less diseases caused by water
  • Protection against wind, hail, and heavy rain
  • Can also be used with ProtekNet 80gr against Spotted Wing Drosophila  


* This kit does not include plastic mulch and irrigation system

* Elastics must be stored inside during winter to protect them from cold temperature.

* This kit allows you to cover one bed of 28’’ wide by 50’ long.  You can design your kit to your specifications by contacting one of our sales representatives.



Quantity Item

Size (width x length)

Description Weight / Unit
Clear film 1,5 mil
1 TUTRCL2,35X18,3

2,35m - 7,7' / 18,3m - 60'

Perforated on each side 2,5 kg / 5,2 lb
  Hoops to be placed every 5' (1,5m)  

71 cm - 28" / 100 cm - 39,5" 

Galvanized Steel 1 kg / 2,2 lb
  Pole to anchor at the beginning and end of each row  

50,8 mm - 2'' / 61 cm - 24"

Galvanized Steel 0,9 kg / 2 lb
  8' Bungee Elastics  
11 ELAS316X8NB

4,76 mm - 3/16" (diam.) / 2,4 m - 8'

Black & White Polyester 0,08 lb
  Steel Stake to anchor the hoops  

46 cm - 18" (length)

Galvanized Steel 0,50 lb

TunnelFlex Installation

Customer Reviews

suggest minor change Review by Dan Sheedy
General appreciation
Early tomato plants are doing well in Tunnel Flex. On cool nights row cover can be easily
installed for added frost protection.

The anchor pins are not strong enough and need to be installed at every ring to secure the tunnel against cross winds. I replaced them with 7.5mm x 500mm (5/16x18in.) round rod with a small hook welded to it. This seems to work well. (Posted on 16-05-14)
Tunnel Review by JC
General appreciation
The product is built really well...great product and I am very happy with it! Looking forward to purchasing another kit. (Posted on 16-04-29)
I am very very happy Review by Charles Sudom
General appreciation
I am very very happy with Tunnel Flex on all my vegetables and strawberries, I was still picking strawberries in mid-November and I am in Sasketchewan.

That’s the way to go, we got big winds and it doesn’t affect my tunnel flex just little bend but it destroyed all my high tunnel.

Charles Sudom
(Posted on 16-02-19)

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