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Torch Cane MT 450C

Item # OUT MAMT450C
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Torch Cane

  • Torch Cane
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Product No. Torch Diameter Torch Lenght Weight BTU
OUT MAMT450C3''36''1.2 Lbs20 000

This torch is a versatile tool for your yard and garden. It is primarily used to eliminate weeds on small areas without the use of chemicals.

Flame weeding destroys the cellular structure, thus the plant's ability for photosynthesis. This way, it does not have the energy needed to grow.

The flame weeder is more effective when used on weeds at the early stages of growth. With tougher weeds, it is suggested to burn them a second time. However, keep in mind that the treatment will take several days to dry out a plant completely.

The torch is far reaching and equipped with a rubber handle for a better grip.

It can also be used to melt ice or snow on trails and paths. Furthermore, when used with the Thermoperfo mounting base and caps, the torch can perforate plastic mulch films and ground covers with ease. **In order to install these bases and caps, you need to remove the original rivet from the torch with the help of a 1/8'' borer**

NB – The propane tank is not included. Thermoperfo mounting base and caps sold separately.

Customer Reviews

Great product Review by Gerry
General appreciation
I bought this product with the thermoperfo mounting base and the mulching perforator cap to burn holes in the plastic mulch in our garden works great should have bought one sooner (Posted on 18-06-22)
Fantastic Product! Review by Bigdaddy
General appreciation
Love this product and couldn't find it anywhere else in Canada (Posted on 17-09-09)
5 stars great tool Review by lbestbc
General appreciation
best tool for weed flaming in small garden areas (Posted on 16-12-10)

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