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Top Notch galvanized metal post with holes

"Top Notch" galvanized metal

  • "Top Notch" galvanized metal
  • "Top Notch" galvanized metal with wire and holes
  • Patented Slot
  • "Top Notch" galvanized metal with holes
Product No. Thickness Length Weight
FPOTGAL814 ga8' - 2,4m8,9 lb / 4 kg
The "Top Notch" galvanized metal post with slots and holes for trellising has a unique design that makes it much stronger and lighter that traditional posts. The Grip-It SlotMC slots cut every 10 cm (4") on the metal post can hold galvanized or polyamide wires better in windy days or during mechanical installation than traditional slots.


  • Notches are punched into both sides at 4" intervals from the top to 50" from the bottom of the post
  • Notches will receive and hold a trellis wire up to 10 gauge  
  • Holes are punched at 4'' intervals from the top to 44'' from the bottom of the post


The ''Top Notch'' has been created in 1995 and since then, over 1,000,000 pieces have been sold in California with no failure from wind loading.


**Metal clip available to hold a wire below the notches (FCLIP1657)


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