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Hibertex Pro with Polyamide Wires

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Hibertex Pro with Polyamide Wires

Product No. Width X Length (determined by customer) Edge Width Width between 2 poly wires
1,17 m X ?
Determined by customerDetermined by customer
1,44 m X ?
19 cm
1,06 m
1,75 m X ?
19 cm
1,37 m

Better imperviousness

The Hibertex Pro canvas with polyamide wires covers plants in hardiness zones of 3 or more. This new technology contains two polyamide wires at a distance of 7.5” on each side of the row cover. The apron (edge) provides better imperviousness on the ground, thus significantly reducing possible air infiltration under the Hibertex Pro canvas.

Temperature control 

In the spring, the polyamide wires make it possible to lift and hang the canvas on trellising posts to let the vine enjoy maximum light. If there is a chance of night frost, you can simply take it down and put in back over the plants. 


  • Made of high quality polyester fiber UV resistant
  • White non-woven fabric
  • Two polyamide wires 20 cm (8”) from each side of the canvas for easy installation 
  • May be suspended from vine posts in the spring  
  • May be installed even if the ground is frozen 
  • Protects all plants in containers in hardiness zones of 3, 4, 5 or more 



Cover Hibertex Pro with a white polyethylene for better results on more fragile plants and against desiccation, winter rain, and extreme temperature variations.

Installation and maintenance

  1. Before reaching fall night frosts of -10°C (14°F), cover with the Hibertex Pro canvas all plants in pots, regrouped, laid down or according to your needs. 
  2. Install a white polyethylene film for better results.
  3. Anchor and seal all edges to prevent wind and air infiltrations by pulling on the polyamide wires.
  4. Remove covers when there is no more risk of temperature reaching -10˚C (14°F) and below. *Can be installed on vine posts. This way, if there is frost afterwards, canvases can be brought down easily on plants.
  5. Dry the covers and store them away from the sun and rain

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