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Tips for Mutineer Handle by Neversink

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Tips for Mutineer Handle

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  • PINTCOLINEAR3,75 | 3,75'' Colinear Hoe Tip
  • PINTCOLINEAR7 | 7'' Colinear Hoe Tip
  • PINTTORSION4 | 4'' Torsion Hoe Tip
  • PINTTORSION6 | 6'' Torsion Hoe Tip
  • PINTPACIFIST2 | 2'' Pacifist Hoe Tip
  • PINTPACIFIST4 | 4'' Pacifist Hoe Tip
  • PINTPACIFIST4W1 | 4'' Pacifist Hoe Tip with 1'' offset
  • PINTPACIFIST6 | 6'' Pacifist Hoe Tip
  • PINTPACIFIST8 | 8'' Pacifist Hoe Tip
  • Tips for Mutineer Handle
Product No. Name of the Tip Wire Diameter
PINTKCOLINEARTIP3,75'' and 7'' Colinear Hoe Tip KitN/A
PINTCOLINEAR3,753,75'' Colinear Hoe TipN/A
PINTCOLINEAR77'' Colinear Hoe TipN/A
PINTTORSION44'' Torsion Hoe Tip0.125''
PINTTORSION66'' Torsion Hoe Tip0.125''
PINTKPACIFISTTIP2'', 4'', 6'', 8'' Pacifist hoe kit 0.125''
PINTPACIFIST22'' Pacifist Hoe Tip0.125''
PINTPACIFIST44'' Pacifist Hoe Tip0.125''
PINTPACIFIST4W14'' Pacifist Hoe Tip with 1'' offset0.125''
PINTPACIFIST66'' Pacifist Hoe Tip0.125''
PINTPACIFIST88'' Pacifist Hoe Tip0.125''

The Mutineer Interchangeable Hoe System*, enables you to use one handle for all of your cultivating needs. It was developed through a collaboration between Eliot Coleman and Conor Crickmore. You need only one handle per person and you can carry multiple heads with you into the field or garden.

Important: The tips in the Torsion and Colinear categories are used when there are no weeds, to make sure you are killing the weeds in the "thread stage", which are weeds that have just germinated. There should not be much force used with these tips and they should be dragged in one direction to prevent damage to the tool.

*Patent Pending

Handle does not include any tip.

Tips are sold separately.

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