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Terrateck 5'' Tiller Wheel with 6' Handle

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Terrateck Tiller Wheel with Handle Kit

  • Terrateck Tiller Wheel with Handle Kit
  • Terrateck 5'' Tiller Wheel (details)
  • Terrateck Tiller Wheel in use in a field
Product No. Tool Width Handle Length
120 mm
1.80 m

The tiller wheel is a tool with a handle allowing an efficient and fast manual weeding. This tool combines star wheels with a weeding blade to adapt to harder soils and soil surfaces. The tiller wheel breaks the surface crust of the ground with the stars, removing unwanted herbs and mixing them with the soil. 


  • Back and forth movement to allow ergonomics at work
  • Usable in wet soil
  • Rotary Hoeing Tool
  • Less difficult to use than a small handle tool (that would require leaning down)
  • Allows a speed in weeding compared to the use of a weeding hoe


Included in the package

  • 5’’ tiller wheel
  • 6' Handle


**Not suitable for soil containing a lot of stones.**

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