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Terrateck Single-Wheel Hoe with 300 mm Blade

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Terrateck Single-Wheel hoe

  • Terrateck Single-Wheel hoe
  • Terrateck Single-Wheel hoe
  • Terrateck single-wheel hoe seen from above
Product No. Length Width Height Weight Blades
35.56 cm
25.4 cm
7.7 kg
17.53 kg

The single-wheel hoe is designed for weeding between crop rows. This is an easy-to-use tool for hoeing soils effectively. 

Several weeding tools can be used with the single hoe and they all have a specific function for effective work between rows.


Broad features of the hoe

  • Triangle structure for effective push (extension of the arms)
  • Height and angle adjustment of the tool to adapt it to its user
  • Inflatable wheels for better handiness and fitting the soil
  • Weeding tool angle adjustment to make it easier to penetrate the soil
  • Can be fitted to any kind of soil and crop types


*Blade included

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Customer Reviews

Pretty Good Review by Nathon Hall
General appreciation
This wheel hoe is sturdy and well-designed. There are quite a few adjustment options during the build, so if you're extra tall or very short, it should be able to accommodate your height. Ours came with the default 300mm blade and that's probably all we'll ever need in our application. It works well.

Negatives: The handles are natural hardwood. Unvarnished. If you leave it in the elements - as ours usually is - I expect the handles will degrade just like all wooden-handled implements. The designers should have used nylon handles instead.

The nuts and bolts required to assemble this hoe are all metric. Metric bolts are somewhat difficult to find in rural Canada. Why is this a problem, you may ask? Because the Dubois shipping team takes a pretty casual approach to wrapping and boxing things for shipment. There were no fewer than 25 parts missing when I received the hoe; all of them small parts of the nut and bolt variety. Dubois made good on the parts - thanks - but the replacement shipment that arrived weeks later was also very poorly packaged in an open-topped 2mil plastic bag. They really need to address their shipping practices. (Posted on 19-06-08)

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