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Terrateck 120 mm Delta Swing Weeder

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Terrateck 120 mm Delta Swing Weeder

  • Terrateck 120 mm Delta Swing Weeder
  • Entire Terrateck 120 mm Delta Swing Weeder
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This Delta-type swing weeder is used for manual weeding between rows for market gardening, green spaces and community pastures. Its flat blade makes it possible to work on large areas between crop rows in a consistent manner. 

The weeder’s swing provides movement impulse, thus increasing comfort during work. Equipped with a hardened steel wear blade with two sharp edges, these weeders can be used to weed both when pushing and pulling.

Faster and more ergonomic than a standard weeding hoe, this swing scuffle hoe is perfect for weeding young plantlets, gravel paths and consolidated surfaces, among others. The angle at which the weeders are used may be adjusted with a simple screw located under the handle. The tool can thus be adjusted based on the user’s height for accurate, consistent work.

The kit includes:



To be used:

  • Between vegetable rows with small clearance (less than 13 cm or 5.1”);
  • In any space that is difficult to access.

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