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Tensiometer - IRROMETER

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Tensiometer - IRROMETER

Irrometer Tensiometer
Product No. Length In Length Cm
IE TT206SR6"15 cm
IE TT212SR12"30 cm
IE TT218SR18"45 cm
IE TT224SR24"60 cm
IE TT506LT6"15 cm
IE TT512LT12"30 cm
IE TT518LT18"45 cm
IE TT524LT24"60 cm
IE TT536LT36"90 cm
IE TTMLT6"15 cm

The IRROMETER tensiometer is the standard in accurate soil moisture measurement, offering growers an inexpensive and reliable means of measuring soil moisture for irrigation scheduling.  An Irrometer will measure the actual soil water tension, which indicates the effort required by root systems to extract water from the soil.  Because the Irrometer is a true measurement of soil water potential, the instrument is not affected by salinity and does not require site calibration.

The Irrometer is available in several models:

The Model "SR" has a threaded replaceable tip as well as all the features of the Model "R" above.

The Model "LT" or "Low Tension" Irrometer incorporates a replaceable "Quick-Flo" tip, and a sealed vacuum gauge which has a full scale of 0-40 cbar.  Designed for situations where tensions above 30 cbar are rarely expected.  Ideal for very coarse solids, or container-media (non-soil), which can be relatively dry at 10-15 cbar or where rapidly changing soil water content needs to be observed.

The Model "MLT", or Miniature LT, is considerably smaller in size than a regular Irrometer.  It is specifically designed for the smaller containers used in the greenhouse market.

Standard lengths are 6", 12", 18", 24" or 36"dependent on the rooting depth of the specific crop.  Longer lengths are available by request.

Irrometer models are also available with Remote Sensing Unit (RSU) 4-20 ma transducers for use with electronic data logging equipment, including our Watermark Monitor.  The RSU can be installed in the gauge port of any standard Irrometer and the MLT, thus converting the reading to a 4-20 mA loop current signal.  It can be interfaced with a 4-20 mA loop current terminal or to an A/D card designed to read voltage.  Excitation current requires 9-24 VDC. Available in three calibrations:

0-93 cb for use with Model R, SR, or TG
0-32 cb for use with Model LT or MLT
0-16 cb for use with Model LT or MLT

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