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Wire Tensioners

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Wire Tensioners # 2

  • Wire Tensioners # 2
  • Wire Tensioners Fenox
Product No. Wire Diameter
FTENDFEN20042Up to 0,14"

Recognised throughout the world and used by tens of thousands of wine-growers for its unequalled qualities, the Fenox tensioner is the only tightener which allows a vine wire to be tightened with ease and precision without cutting it.

The tensioner manufactured in galvanised steel or in stainless steel (AISI 304) has exceptional longevity.

It is available in 2 sizes following the use :

  • FENOX tensioner n°2
    For vine wires up to 3.5 mm with significant winding capacity (dimension well suited to vine rows of more than 50 m)

1. Hold the loop of the tensioner behing the wire and have the arm of the tensioner towards you


2 & 3.
Clamp the tensioner above the wire taking the arm to the leftClamp the tensioner above the wire taking the arm to the left



4. Take the plastic tube in the left hand and take it over the
lower section of the tensioner which serves as a rotation axis.  Then, put the rod of the lever arm in the loop of the tensioner

5. While holding the plastic tube in the left hand, make a turn clockwise

6. Attach the end of the arm to the wire.  Locking is possible with each turn.  Repeat the previous operations to obtain the required tension.

Customer Reviews

Fenox Wire tightener Review by Aa
General appreciation
Better than Jake's Wire Tigheners in my opinion because: cheaper, each wind is more accurate so as not to over or under tighen as easy, and the tool only costs a dollar vs Jake's is about 15 to 20 bucks, and I've had Jakes tighteners bend. Fenox's could be designed to be even more stream lined, but 4 stars. (Posted on 17-04-02)

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