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  1. .600 X .700 Polyethylene Pipe

    .600 X .700 (1/2″)­­­ Polyethylene Pipe

    The .600 X .700 (1/2″)­­­ Polyethylene Pipe is principally use in greenhouses and residential flower beds...
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  2. Wade Rain

    Aluminium Irrigation Pipe with fittings

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  3. AquaTraxx PBX - Drip Tape

    AquaTraxx PBX - Drip Tape

    Premium Drip Tape The advantage of using a PBX drip tape irrigation system is that you get an unmatched precision. With options from 4 to 24 inches, you can select the emitter spacing and flow rates that work best for your soil type, crop and application needs.
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  4. Black Micro Tubing

    Black Micro Tubing

    The Micro Tubing is used in greenhouses and residential flower beds.
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  5. Drip In PC irrigation pipe

    BlueLine® PC

    Pressure Compensating BlueLine®
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  6. 500' Drip Irrigation Tape
  7. HDPE fusion irrigation pipe with McElroy machine

    HDPE High Density Polyethylene Irrigation System

    This high density polyethylene flexible irrigation pipe, assembled by fusion, has a long lifespan, high reliability, and an outstanding performance for water distribution...
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  8. Oval Hose / Feet

    Oval Hose

    Blue Stripe Oval Hose is manufactured from premium grade linear low density polyethylene resins, for tough dependable operation in the most demanding agriculture micro-irrigation agriculture applications. Oval hose can be used as lateral lines in permanent crop applications or as sub mains and mainlines in the larger diameter sizes for row crops. Its unique Oval configuration allows you to reduce storage space and shipping costs. Oval hose is also easier to handle than PVC Pipe sub mains and mainlines.
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  9. Plain Aluminum Irrigation Pipe

    Plain Aluminum Irrigation Pipe

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  10. Rivulis Blue Lay Flat (roll)
  11. Rivulis T-Tape Layflat Brown - Heavy Duty (roll)
  12. Rivulis Green Pro-Flat - / Feet

    Rivulis Green Pro-Flat Layflat

    The Pro-Flat lay-flat hose is a versatile, durable hose which meets the needs of growers everywhere. 
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  13. Drip Irrigation Tape - Ro-Drip - John Deere Water in roll
  14. Standard Polyethylene Pipe / Coil

    Standard Polyethylene Pipe / Coil

    Standard Polyethylene Irrigation Pipe with-the-Stripe features a permanent coloured stripe which enables the class and type of pipe to be easily identified, whether in storage onsite or embedded in the ground. In fact, the stripe is actually part of the pipe and will always be visible.
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  15. Water Discharge - Lay Flat 150 psi
  16. Water Suction Hose for irrigation pump

    Water Suction Hose / Feet

    Standard duty PVC all-purpose suction and transfer hose.
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