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Supertif Dripper

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Dripper 0.58 gph side Barbed Mop | IS JD101018411

  • Dripper 0.58 gph side Barbed Mop | IS JD101018411
  • Dripper on DripTape
  • Dripper on DripTape with micro-tubing on stakes
Rivulis Eurodrip
Product No. Name Outlet
Base Color Flow (gph) Operating
IS JD101018411Dripper MOPSide BarbedLight Blue0.58 GPH 19 - 50 PSI10.1 PSI2.9 PSI

The anti-drainback Supertif drippers are self-cleaning and provide excellent clog resistance. They are perfect for the irrigation of greenhouses, landscape and nurseries. Those drippers are an ideal choice for pulse irrigation and as master drippers in loop systems. They are manufactured with superior materials, for a long life. 

Barbed drippers are used with black or white micro tubing (Rivulis only) inserted directly onto the dripper, as well spray stakes (Rivulis only). 

MOP : no-drain, high opening pressure, medium sealing pressure.


  • Works with 3x5 mm (.118” x .197”) Rivulis micro tubes 
  • Filtration requirements : 130 Microns / 120 Mesh 


Features and Benefits

  • Deliver consistent flow rates for long run lengths and on sloping terrain
  • Built-in no-drain diaphragms, eliminating the draining of water when the system is shut off

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