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Stretch Tubes

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Item # TRATB4X150X4

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Stretch Tubes

  • Stretch Tubes
  • Stretch Tubes
  • Stretch Tubes
Product No. Size Color Weight
TRATB4X150X44' x 150' x 4 milWhite41,77 lb
TRATB4X220X44' x 220' x 4 milWhite60,04 lb
TRATB5X150X45' x 150' x 4 milWhite48,94 lb
TRATB5X220X45' x 220' x 4 milWhite70,52 lb
TRATBN4X150X44' x 150' x 4 milWhite/Black41,77 lb
TRATBN4X220X44' x 220' x 4 milWhite/Black60,04 lb
TRATBN5X150X45' x 150' x 4 milWhite/Black48,94 lb
TRATBN5X220X45' x 220' x 4 milWhite/Black70,52 lb
TRIPBN4X150X4.64' x 150' x 4.6 milWhite/Black40.7 Lb

The stretch tube is cost effective for the fermentation and storage of round bales of 4', 5' and 6'. This product is available in 2 colors: white and white/black.


  • Completely protects against air (oxygen free environment) and moisture penetration
  • U.V. treated
  • High tear and puncture resistance
  • Can be handled by single operator

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