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Standard Polyethylene Pipe / Coil

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Standard Polyethylene Pipe / Coil

Product No. Diameter Coil Lenght Serie Nominal Pressure PSI
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BO CO-075-75-13/4"100'Blue Strip690kPa75 psi
BO CO-075-75-43/4"400'White Strip515kPa 75 psi
BO CO-075-75-253/4"2500'White Strip515kPa 75 psi
BO CO-075-100-43/4"400'Blue Strip690kPa100 psi
BO CO-050-75-11/2"100'White Strip515kPa75 psi
BO CO-050-75-41/2"400'White Strip515kPa 75 psi
BO CO-050-75-301/2"3000'White Strip515kPa 75 psi
BO CO-100-75-11"100'White Strip515kPa75 psi
BO CO-100-75-31"300'White Strip515kPa 75 psi
BO CO-100-75-151"1500'White Strip515kPa 75 psi
BO CO-100-100-11"100'Blue Strip690kPa100 psi
BO CO-100-100-31"300'Blue Strip690kPa100 psi
BO CO-125-75-11-1/4"100'White Strip515kPa 75 psi
BO CO-125-75-31-1/4"300'White Strip515kPa 75 psi
BO CO-125-75-101-1/4"1000'White Strip515kPa 75 psi
BO CO-125-100-31-1/4"300'Blue Strip690kPa100 psi
BO CO-125-100-101-1/4"1000'Blue Strip690kPa100 psi
BO CO-150-75-11-1/2"100'White Strip515kPa 75 psi
BO CO-150-75-2.51-1/2"250'White Strip515kPa 75 psi
BO CO-150-75-91-1/2"900'White Strip515kPa 75 psi
BO CO-150-100-11-1/2"100'Blue Strip690kPa100 psi
BO CO-200-75-12"100'White Strip515kPa 75 psi
BO CO-200-75-22"200'White Strip515kPa 75 psi
BO CO-200-75-52"500'White Strip515kPa 75 psi
BO CO-200-100-12"100'Blue Strip690kPa100 psi
BO CO-200-100-1.52"150'Blue Strip690kPa100 psi
BO CO-300-75-13"100'White Strip515kPa 75 psi
BO CO-300-75-23"200'White Strip515kPa 75 psi

Standard Polyethylene Irrigation Pipe-with-the-Stripe® features a permanent coloured stripe which enables the class and type of pipe to be easily identified, whether in storage onsite or embedded in the ground. In fact, the stripe is actually part of the irrigation pipe and will always be visible.

This polyethylene irrigation piping can be used in an almost limitless range of indoor as well as outdoor applications, from distribution lines, to maple sap collection, to greenhouse irrigation, to name just a few.

Lightweight and easy to install using compression or barbed insert fittings, polyethylene irrigation Pipe-with-the-Stripe offers outstanding strength and flexibility along with the chemical, corrosion and UV resistance you’d expect from polyethylene. Choose from standard or CSA-certified PE, in nominal sizes from ½" to 3".

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