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Our Solutions

HDPE Irrigation system in the agricultural market
The cranberry
Greenhouse irrigation
Drip irrigation system
Frost protection
Birds and insects protection
Respect of organic certifications
Research and development
Sanitary conditions
Increased profitability with plasticulture

Dubois Agrinovation pledges to give
a personalized quality service

Dubois has developed work procedures that are tailor-made to meet, as well as respect, your needs. We have an edge: we consistently offer more. With an infinite variety of high quality products and brands (Bio360, ProtekNet, Buckhorn, Macro Plastics, Rainbird, Caprari, Cornell Pump, Berkeley Pump, Netafim, Amiad, Filtomat filters, Aquatraxx, Rain-Flo, Polyplanter and Mechanical Transplanter), Dubois Agrinovation is committed to offer thorough follow-up and superior after-sales support for all your irrigation systems, plasticulture farm equipment and mulch films needs.

With its specific step-by-step approach to answer its customers' highest expectations, Dubois Agrinovation truly is a leader in customer service.

  • Assess and analyze your needs
  • Find solutions
  • Give our recommendations
  • Receive your order and confirm it
  • Deliver the merchandise
  • Make a follow-up
  • Offer our support