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Snap-Jet II sprinkler

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180˚ Snap-Jet II Sprinkler

  • 180˚ Snap-Jet II Sprinkler
  • 360˚ Snap-Jet II Sprinkler
  • 360˚ Snap-Jet II Sprinkler in used
Toro Irrigation
Product No. Water
Streams Jet
Flow (gph)
at 10 psi
Flow (gph)
at 15 psi
Flow (gph)
at 20 psi
Flow (gph)
at 25 psi
IJ SNAPJET180X9180˚918˚3.504.305.005.60
IJ SNAPJET360X16360˚1618˚7.809.5011.0012.30

The Snap-Jet sprinkler provides consistent, aesthetic irrigation of your residential development. This is the same quality product used by professionals in orchards, vineyards, and greenhouses. It is available in two models, i.e. one with 180˚ water distribution and the other covering 360˚. It is installed on a polyethylene hose with a punch. The recommended spacing between each sprinkler is 1.5 m (5').


  • Unique pressure compensation device to ensure consistent irrigation and jet diameter on a large pressure scale
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Accurate water distribution
  • Little sensitive to clogging and general wear and tear
  • Heavy duty plastic design to ensure maximum strength and longevity, as well as great UV/chemical resistance

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