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Smart Pot Gotextile Containers

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Smart Pot

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Product No. Handles Dimensions
(diam. x H)
Volume Used For
CUVSP10001No7'' X 6''
17.5 cm X 15 cm
1 Gallon
4 L
seedling, small plant / flowers, herbs(1), lettuce(1) and mixed salad
CUVSP10002No8'' X 7''
20 cm X 17.5 cm
2 Gallons
8 L
seedling, small plant / flowers, herbs(1), lettuce(1) and mixed salad
CUVSP14003Yes10'' X 7.5''
25 cm X 19 cm
3 Gallons
11 L
Seedling, Herbs(1-2), Lettuce(1), Spinach, Mixed Salad, Radishes, Carrot, Houseplants and Flowers

The Smart Pot is a soft-sided fabric container providing plants with natural space for healthy growth. Made of resistant, durable geotextile, the instant garden requires no assembly and may be used for several gardening seasons. Its porosity enables exceptional plant growth.


  • Releases heat (less heat stress)
  • Air-prunes the root structure (optimal oxygenation)
  • Prevents roots from circling
  • Ideal for water culture
  • Great drainage
  • Extends the gardening season
  • Makes it possible to create gardens on any surface
  • Enables the combination of several plants, as well as companion planting

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