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Flame Weeder Cart GF-2011

Item # OUT RDGF-2011
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Five-gun flame weeder cart

  • Five-gun flame weeder cart
  • Five-gun flame weeder cart
Product No. Torches Torch diameter Flame width cover Cart lenght Cart height Weight BTU per torch
OUT RDGF-201152 ½"30-36"48"44"115 lb400 000

The five-gun flame weeder cart is practical for weeding on areas that are too large for the portable flame weeder. With the five guns, which cover 76 to 91 cm (30 to 36”), you can work fast while remaining versatile. When the unit is well adjusted, flames can reach 46 cm (18”) and provide heat between 1121 and 732°C (2050 and 1350°F). The weeds’ ideal distance is 23 cm (9”) from the head of the torch. 

This flame weeder cart is used to sterilize the soil before bed planting and burn weed germination, thus promoting crop growth.

Flame weeding destroys the cellular structure, thus the plant's ability for photosynthesis. This way, it will not have the energy needed to grow, leading to interesting results even on bigger plants. The flame weeder is more effective when used on weeds at the early stages of growth.

With the more persistent weeds, it is suggested to burn them a second time. However, keep in mind that the treatment will take several days to dry out a plant completely.

Among others, the unit includes five torches, generating a total of around 400,000 BTU and two 5/8” axles to adjust the width between the wheels based on your rows’ width. It also contains a needle valve to control the gas flow, two rubber hoses for use with natural gas and a safety valve on top of the cylinder. Finally, the unit comes with two 24”-diameter wheels and a metal L-shaped handle that can be adjusted on one side or the other.


  • Around 400 000 BTU
  • Adjusting needle valve
  • 2’ rubber  LP gas hose
  • 24’’ diameter solid wheels
  • The propane supply cylinder used with this torch should be no less than 20 lb



  • Natural Weed Control
  • Organic Growing
  • Landscape Weeding
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Agricultural Flaming
  • Weed Control in Gardens, Pavers, Driveways
  • And even more


*Propane tank not included

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