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Hand Tools and Raincoats


Manual tools are useful to manually maintain small crops while remaining environmentally-friendly. The range of products offered enables soil aeration, seeding, weeding and putting various indicators on your soils. Some guides are available to help growers.

Our raincoats offer you the highest level of protection and comfort.

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  1. Paperpot Transplanting System

    Paperpot Starter Kit

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  2. Terrateck Planting tool

    Terrateck Planting Tool

    Hand planting stick for big seeds.
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  3. The Urban Farmer by Curtis Stone
  4. Finger Weeder set for Terrateck Two-Wheel Hoe

    Finger Weeder set for Terrateck Two-Wheel Hoe

    Combined with the Terrateck Two-Wheel Hoe and the Accu-Discs (need the Second tool Assembly), the Finger Weeder set allows you precisely take care of the weeding.
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  5. Kit to make a Double-wheel Hoe
  6. 24'' Support for Double Hoe
  7. Attachment for 24'' Support Bar for Double Hoe Terrateck
  8. Large Universal Support for swing weeders / Terrateck Hoe
  9. Terrateck 60 mm Omega Swing Weeder head
  10. Terrateck 60 mm Omega Swing Weeder
  11. Terratek 180 mm weeding hoe with interchangeable blade
  12. Paper Chain cells open with J shaped spreader bars
  13. Paperpot Transplanter PL-4
  14. 2 J shaped spreader rods to open paper chains
  15. Metal frame to keep paper cells open and in place
  16. Plastic Seeder Plate
  17. 56,5'' Handle for Two Bad Cats Wire Weeder
  18. Orange Vented Harvest Container with handles

    Orange Vented Harvest Container 1.25 bushel with handles

    This container is used by Jean-Martin Fortier's team for washing salads. It is U.V. treated and made of HDPE.
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  19. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-4C&H with Cut & Hold
  20. High Performance One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-100
  21. Plastic Seedling Trays for Paperpot
  22. Hood for propane torch Neversink Flame (details of flame)
  23. Pressure Regulator

    Pressure Regulator

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  24. Thermoperfo mounting base
  25. Torch Cane

    Torch Cane MT 450C

    This torch is a versatile tool for your yard and garden. It is primarily used to eliminate weeds on small areas without the use of chemicals.
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  26. Portable flame weeder with pressure valve

    Portable flame weeder

    The portable flame weeder is perfect for weeding on small areas.
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  27. Five-gun flame weeder cart

    Flame Weeder Cart GF-2011

    The flame weeder cart is practical for weeding on areas that are too large for the portable flame weeder.
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  28. One Flat Wire Weeder - OUTKTBCWW60OFW (details)

    Two Bad Cats Wire Weeder With 60'' Handle

    The Two Bad Cats wire weeder tool with his thin wire pull roots of small weeds in top layer of soil with minimal disturbance.
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  29. Two Bad Cats Tine Weeder

    Two Bad Cats Tine Weeder

    The Two Bad Cats Tine Weeder is used when your plants are well established but weeds are not.
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  30. One Flat Tip - PI TBCWWOFW
  31. Terrateck Manual Mulch Layer
  32. Drip Support for Terrateck Manual Mulch Layer
  33. Carrying Wheel for Terrateck Manual Mulch Layer
  34. 125 mm. Swing Weeder Set for Hoe
  35. Weeder with universal hoe bracket
  36. 125 mm. Swing weeder for Hoe
  37. 225 mm. Swing Weeder for Hoe
  38. Terrateck 14'' Air Chamber

    Terrateck 14'' Tire Tube

    14'' air chamber for wheels on Terrateck one-wheel and two-wheel hoes and mulch layer.
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  39. Terrateck Single-Wheel hoe

    Terrateck Single-Wheel Hoe with 300 mm Blade

    The single-wheel hoe is designed for weeding between crop rows. This is an easy-to-use tool for hoeing soils effectively.
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  40. Terrateck two-wheel hoe with Lelievre blades

    Terrateck Two-Wheel Hoe

    Designed for hoeing as close as possible to your plants to carry out precision weeding.
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  41. Terrateck Packer Roll & Base Roll for Single-Wheel Hoe
  42. Terrateck Packer Roll for Single-Wheel Hoe
  43. Terrateck wheel weeder for organic weeding

    Terrateck wheel weeder

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  44. Terrateck 90 mm Delta Swing Weeder
  45. Terrateck Double Weeder Wheel
  46. Terrateck 8'' Handle Hiller with 6' Handle Kit
  47. Terrateck 120 mm Delta Swing Weeder
  48. Terrateck Tiller Wheel with Handle Kit
  49. Terrateck 5'' Tiller Wheel (details)
  50. Terrateck 100 mm Omega Swing Weeder
  51. Terrateck 8'' Manual Hiller
  52. Tool Bracket for Terrateck Two-Wheel Hoe
  53. 300 mm Hoe Blade for Single Hoe
  54. Lelievre blades for Terrateck two wheels hoe
  55. Terrateck Preci-discs for double hoe
  56. Bio-Discs for Terrateck Two-Wheel Hoe
  57. Fine Spiked Chain Harrow kit
  58. Spikes chain harrow kit
  59. Terrateck weeder harrow fine springs
  60. Terrateck weeder harrow heavy springs
  61. Seedling Roller kit for Single-Wheel Hoe
  62. Terrateck Harrow Support for Hoes
  63. Roll crumbler with roller base for single-wheel hoe
  64. Seedling Roller for Terrateck Single-Wheel Hoe
  65. Roll crumbler for Terrateck hoes
  66. Roller base for Terrateck single-wheel hoe
  67. 3 Tinded Cultivator for single Hoe
  68. 5-Tine Cultivator for single Hoe
  69. Distance Marker for MT 450C Torch Cane
  70. Terratek 180 mm weeding hoe with interchangeable blade
  71. 100 mm. Hiller for Terrateck Wheel Hoe
  72. 200 mm. Hiller for Terrateck Wheel Hoe
  73. Terratek 180 mm weeding hoe with interchangeable blade
  74. Deported arms set for Terrateck Hoe | on Terrateck Double wheel Hoe
  75. Terrateck weeding hoe with 180 mm blade and handle
  76. Terrateck Delta swing weeder 90 mm
  77. Delta swing weeder head Terrateck 120 mm
  78. Terrateck 100 mm Omega Swing Weeder head
  79. Wood Handles for Terrateck Tools
  80. Terrateck Socket for Swing Weeders
  81. Terrateck second tool pieces support
  82. Heavy Duty Broadfork with four teeth

    Heavy Duty Broadfork with Four Prongs

    This broadfork consists of four theets made of high strength alloy steel. This model provides resistant, curved prongs for easy soil aeration.
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  83. Broadfork with five galvanized curved prongs
  84. Seed Roller

    Seed Roller | Jang Automation

    The seed rollers are designed to work with the Jang Automation JP-1 Clean Seeder.
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  85. Jang Automation Seeder Options
  86. Bulb Planter Gardening Tool
  87. Seed Plant Gardening Tool
  88. Opinel #10 Carbon Steel Knife | Wood Handle

    Opinel #10 Carbon Steel Knife | Wood Handle

    This knife is used by Jean-Martin Fortier to cut the vegetables in the fields.
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  89. FCOUTBLK727P

    Barnel Harvest Knife

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  90. Witi-Coup Knife

    Witi-Coup Knife

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  91. Universal Cutter - FELCO-CP
  92. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-2
  93. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-4
  94. Picking and Trimming Snips - Felco-310
  95. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-5
  96. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-6
  97. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-7
  98. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-8
  99. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-9
  100. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-10
  101. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-11
  102. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-12
  103. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-13
  104. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-31
  105. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-160S
  106. One-Hand Pruning Shears FELCO-160L
  107. Felco Holster - FELCO-910

    Holster - FELCO-910

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  108. Picking and Trimming Snips - Felco-300
  109. Terrateck Salad Harvest Shovel
  110. Barnel model V3000 Pruner

    Barnel model V3000 Pruner

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