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Silage Wrap Film

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Item # SF12018SP

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Silage Wrap Film

Product No. Thickness Dimension (Foot) Dimension (Meter) Weight
SF12018SP1 mil20" x 5904'0.508 m x 1800 m46.6 lb
SF13015SP1 mil30" x 4920'0.508 m x 1800 m58.19 lb
SF12012SP1.2 mil20" x 4100'0.508 m x 1250 m39.5 lb
SF13012SP1.2 mil30" x 4100'0.762 m x 1250 m58.12 lb

The silage film is a reflective white film that reduces heat accumulation to prevent the loss of nutritional value. Can wrap round or square bales on any type of wrapper.


  • Excellent puncture, abrasion and tear resistance for out door storage
  • U.V. treated
  • Excellent adherence properties
  • Excellent holding power and stretchability
  • Reduces storage and operational costs 

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