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Rivulis White Polyethylene Pipe / Coil

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Rivulis White Polyethylene Pipe

  • Rivulis White Polyethylene Pipe
  • Rivulis White Polyethylene Pipe (in greenhouse)
Rivulis Eurodrip
Product No. Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Length Fittings
BO EHDW1645-100.620".710"1000'1/2"
BO EHDW2057-050.830".940"500'3/4"
BO EHDW2057-100.830".940"1000'3/4"
BO EHDW2667-0661.049"1.189"660'1"

The white polyethylene pipe from Rivulis is primarily used in greenhouses since it reflects light, thus providing plants with enough light to grow adequately. It is essentially used as a supply pipe for all outside drippers. It is designed to resist a maximum pressure of 60 psi. The opacity of the pipe, white outside and black inside, makes it UV, heat, and corrosive chemical resistant, and prevents alga growth.



  • Reflects light instead of absorbing it
  • Maintains water at a temperature below that of a black polyethylene pipe
  • Decreases the risks of alga/bacterial growth
  • Triggers less dilatation and contraction than a black pipe
  • Slows down the chemical precipitation reaction
  • Maximizes light reflection in greenhouses
  • Made of solid, durable polyethylene

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